Friday, September 14, 2007

Hospital, head colds and home again, home again

The hospital visits were, mostly, positive. The OT was very pleased with the Noodle's typing, writing and drawing, and the doctor was amazed at how strong and resilient he has become. The physiotherapists were not quite so happy with his feet, though. He hasn't had his AFOs (ankle foot orthotics) for a month, and a lot of the flexibility has gone. So that means plasters again for a week to get the foot into the right position again for heel-down walking before the new AFOs are ready.

The Noodle's first AFOs only took the orthotist a few days to make. I realise now what a dizzying rush he must have been in to get them done so quickly, and how urgent it was that they were ready when his plasters came off. We didn't have a clue, back then, what the Noodle's rehabilitation would take, or how well he would recover. When we arrived back in Australia he couldn't walk more than a step or two, on absolute tip toes. To watch him getting around independently is as wonderful as it is possible to be while still wishing that he didn't have to be conscious of his stability and his fatigue all the time, like other kids at school.

The eye doctors were a little less satisfactory, but nothing unexpected really.

I'm sure there's a joke about seeing an orthoptist and and orthotist on the same day, but I can't think what it might be. Maybe it needs a third concept like op shop, optometrist, optimist or option anxiety. If I think of anything I'll keep you posted.

The Noodle was exhausted by the experience, though, and needed Wednesday off school. Now he has a head cold. Snot makes him more miserable than anything else. He can tough out all kinds of things, but a runny nose just brings him to tears.

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