Monday, November 2, 2009


We've done our national duty by putting ignorant $2.00 each-way bets on horses running in the Melbourne Cup. The TAB are very helpful and have betting cards with 'Melbourne Cup' printed boldly on top so that ignoranties like us don't accidentally bet on the third race at Townsville instead.

We didn't pretend to know anything about horsies or gambling and went for the tried and true 'we liked the name' method, so all of us are betting on Mourilyan. The Noodle might get a place with Basaltico, but I think generally we are unlikely to hit the big time.

TAB was very crowded, but only a few fascinators in the crowd, alas.


Courtney said...

But Kevin Rudd got something right!

Girl O'Sea said...

I closed my eyes and pointed at the newspaper to pick my horse. It came last.

Man O'Sand said...

So you all put your money on the nag owned by the maniacal despot?


Penthe said...

Yes it was a terrible shock. But I suspect that many people involved in the horse racing industry are maniacal and/or despots anyway.

investment policy statement by amanda said...

I've never tried betting on horses, i love how racehorses are named though. Love your blog.