Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, &tc

Penni has an even more than usual touching, insightful and beautiful post over at Eglantine's Cake.

The Noodle was rather disappointed in the fireworks put on in the heart of the nation. I guess they are saving the good stuff for Australia Day and Skyfire (whenever that is). Didn't like the soft serve icecream available much either, although I feel that the two people in the icecream van more than earned their money.

He is also worried that the people flying over Antarctica at midnight to celebrate the new year were not wearing their seatbelts. How do a train a child to be marginally less of a law-abiding spirit without unleashing chaos and anarchy?

Today we essayed swimming in Lake Burley Griffin. Without it being utterly unpleasant, it is not something I could recommend to others. Nearby rivers (eg Murrimbidgee and Cotter) are definitely the better option for a dip.

New year's resolution? Um, more rivers, less computer? That sounds all right.

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