Monday, July 19, 2010

Change and stress

The thing is, I don't feel like writing much because I am a bit stressed. I feel like writing when I am unhappy, angry, cheerful, and excited. But not stressed.

I don't much feel like reading either.

Thank goodness for Andrew Davies's Little Dorrit. Did anyone understand the ending?

I was a bit confused by random orphans, diverse wills and marriage between two characters who I thought might have accidentally been related to each other. The bit about the house falling down was damn fine though.


ThirdCat said...

stress sucks...sorry to hear about it

Roger Parkinson said...

Drink often helps.

Jo Tamar said...

Sorry to hear about the stress. Maybe figuring out Little Dorrit will help ;)

The ending was hard to parse even in the book (which I've read, but of which I didn't remember the detail of the ending, precisely because it was somewhat confusing). But it is still somewhat more clear than the TV version!

You can find it on Project Gutenberg - Chapter 30 ('Closing in') is the chapter where Rigaud tells what he knows, and makes it clear how it is that Amy Dorrit was the person to whom the bequest was made.

I also was confused at the end of the TV series why Amy and Arthur had nothing, since at least one of them should presumably have had something on Mrs Clennam's death. That is also explained in the book (see Chapter 31).

(Also, Arthur never discovers the truth of his heritage.)

Little Dorrit @ Project Gutenberg is here:

Penthe said...

Thanks for the helpful hints, Jo. We have been having some debate at work.

Roger, that just leads to being stressed AND maudlin. Ugly.

Charlotte said...

Bad stress. I hope it clears itself away soon!