Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another day, another cake wrecks moment

So it's the weekend and the kid and I managed to do the shopping at Woden and I tidied up the house and the kid read Dilbert, Drowned Ammet and other stuff and I think the telly might be broken but I don't care and the kid hasn't noticed yet. It probably isn't broken, but with all the cords and things attached to it and the 'no picture' kind of thing when I turn it on and try out all the different remotes and buttons and switches and there's still 'no picture', you know, it might as well be.

I might have to ask a Young Person TM to come and help. Also I don't know how to do superscript in this blog environment.

For some reason that made me think of Jean Luc Picard, so maybe I am feeling a little tired.

I tried to ice the kid's birthday cake for his party tomorrow. It's supposed to look like this. It doesn't. The icing slid right off the little swiss rolls, so it looks like naked swiss rolls in a snaky short of shape, with a lake of lime-green icing around the botton of it. Perhaps it could be meant to be the train in Spirited Away when it travels over the flood waters. If the flood waters were lime-green and if the train were made out of eight mini swiss rolls. Which it isn't, really.

The snake was supposed to be a gesture to The Keys to the Kingdom. Instead, it is a gesture to lack of faith in my own judgement. I knew the icing was too runny, but I'd followed the recipe so I trusted them. And if that doesn't sum up my entire life, I don't know how to sum up my entire life in a cake-fiasco metaphor.

Tomorrow we will be off to Michel's Patisserie for a nice mud cake with 'Happy Birthday' written on it.

Also, we are supposed to be having the party at the local playground at lunch time. Storms and high winds are predicted for late morning or
noon. It seems likely the party will be in our living room, so I have cleared out some extra chairs and tried to make space. I think I will need to rely on Parlour Games for Modern Families to see me through.


ThirdCat said...

Our birthday cakes are always tubs of ice cream turned upside down and decorated with whatever lollies are flavour of the moment. Never goes wrong, and always gets eaten.

Sorry about the weather...I have a stack of lego-based games that worked a treat at our last birthday party (I'm scared of a mass of bored children so always go a bit overboard on the planning)

ThirdCat said...

Hmmm...that comment sounds like I was being a smart arse which I wasn't intending to be, only to sympathise with your cake situation and to demonstrate that I avoid it altogether.

Penthe said...

Oh I wish I had thought of it - but it wouldn't have worked for the park scenario. The whole point of having it at the park was so when they became overwrought I could say, off you go and play. I was planning to take a big basket of balls and frisbees and let them climb all over stuff and slide and swing and so on. Alas, alas, and again alas. At least this year we have white bread and tomato sauce, so they should be happy enough with that. And maybe tomorrow on our trip to the cake shop I might buy some mini magnums. Without nuts, of course.

Penthe said...

Also, only the set top box is busted, so the kid can still play Wii, thanks be.

Charlotte said...

I Hate iceing. And it hates me. So you have my deep, deep sympathy.