Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh Boxing Day, Oh Boxing Day

Christmas Day was very nice, because it was like your usual Boxing Day, but without the cricket. We ate tasty cold food, sat around in the backyard, played with our new toys and stayed home all day.

Athough it did feel Quite Strange not festively visiting and handing out pressies to all and sometimes sundry. And the whole no-cooking thing meant there was lots of time to fill in (with no cricket on the telly). So it was lucky that people had books to read and sticky mitts to play with in the backyard and a new explorer sock-based form of french cricket (that also involved bonus points for hitting the husband on the head with the sock).

So it wasn't completely cricket free, I suppose, if you accept that cricket can be played with two plastic scoops, a rolled up sock and a boundary represented by a supine husband.

Boxing Day looks like being exactly like Boxing Day, including the cricket. First wicket down already good heavens.

Hope you have a lovely Boxing Day wherever you may be, even if you don't believe in the holiness of the Boxing Day Test.


Ampersand Duck said...

Sounds blissful. We had the huge gathering, and someone decided that instead of the littlest elf handing around the presents, the littlest elf should hand the presents to the giver, so that the giver could hand it to the taker. But we were all so full and lazy that the (after-lunch) giving consisted of the littlest elf handing presents to the giver, who would then tell the littlest elf who to then give the present to, as if the LE couldn't read. Which, because the littlest elf is deemed Gifted by many, was a bit of an insult. So it was a bit of a weird afternoon.

Today there is cricket in the other room and new music in this room.

Penthe said...

I used to always have a serious tussle with my grandpa for handing out the presents duties. Hope the LE won't need therapy in future years. Nice new music for Christmas - good one.

We have guitar, computer games, clock chiming and cricket. Which is much more peaceful and lovely than it looks written down.

Roger Parkinson said...

Sounds very nice. I don't know why we can't keep Christmases small and quiet more often. Ours was just the two of us, with precooked food and lots of time. We like it that way. Didn't play cricket of any kind, but not a bad idea.

Ampersand Duck said...

well, the LE *will* need therapy in the future, but it probably won't be because of the gift-giving.

I think your Christmas sounded perfect, and I don't think you need to defend it or rationalise it at all (sorry, conflating this comment with one I'd put in the next post but Scrabble is calling...)

Penthe said...

Ta Ms Duck. Hope you all have a good new year's thingie as well.