Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*hack hack splutter wheeze*

Canberra strikes again. My co-workers suggested I stay home tomorrow because they are tired of hearing the above sounds emanating from my pod.

I don't feel ill, I am just making some hideous respiratory noises. This city is utterly vile and germ filled and also laden with pollen and dust and other small things that your run-of-the-mill bronchiole (not braciole) just can't cope with.

Otherwise it is a great town, honest.


Armagnac Daddy said...

I got a similar thing from someone, really aggressive about it. I was pretty assertive back, in a controlled manner.

I think if someone isn't dribbling snot everywhere then it's obvious they aren't currently infected with a cold.

Obvious to everyone who isn't an imbecile. We aren't all blessed with perfect respiratory systems.

Penthe said...

More fool me, it turns out to be laryngitis and a sinus infection. Oh joy.

Anonymous said...

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