Friday, August 7, 2009

Public service

I had a big rant about public service probity and how it seems very strong in the Best Department Evah and how I felt quite downhearted about the whole Godwin Grech thing and even more downhearted about how Some People seemed to think it was not really a Big Deal. And how it gobsmacked me most astonishing that the Public Service Commissioner had to come out and remind people that public servants work for the executive part of the government, not for the Opposition or indeed anybody else. And that whistleblowing and making up porky pies to give to the Opposition are not, in fact, similar things at all.

But it got a bit personal so I took it down.

Ooops, there it is again, up there. But a bit less, well, personal and political.

And my mistake turned out actually to be a difference of opinion rather than wrongness, and a compromise has been reached with no lasting wounds. Or at least none that I've noticed yet.


Penni said...

Hmm, I actually got to read your original post too - for some reason deleted posts are still available in feed readers.

I agree with you about everything.

Ampersand Duck said...

That's really interesting. Best Beloved is a bit down about the GG affair; he takes it personally, feels GG has 'let the side down'. Maybe you should be a support group for each other.

Penthe said...

Oh I'm so glad to not be the only one. I know it's silly to take it personally, from someone I never met and never will, but I do, oh I do.

And Penni, I lost my original post, so I don't remember what I wrote because I was so crook on the world when I wrote it.

persiflage said...

I wish I'd seen it, but I have just found your blog. I agree totally on GG: what atrocious actions, and quite different from whistle blowing! Then to watch Abbott justifying it all was quite horrifying.