Friday, November 26, 2010

MIss Judgementy Judgement pants, small dogs, roads and children

Hoyden about Town has this post about shoving kids and dogs in the car from the footpath side for safety, instead of from the driver's side for convenience.

I would like to add that it is not a good idea to give Very Small Children control of several Very Small Dogs on extendable leashes near Very Busy Roads while you are talking on a mobile phone and not actually paying attention to what your Very Small friends and relations are doing. Because when the Very Small Dogs lurch out on the road from between parked cars, the Very Small Children will not evaluate the situation and sensibly decide what to do but will immediately run out onto the road in pursuit of the dogs.

Which is not nice if you happen to be in the car driving along the road at that particular time. But luckily the person driving my car (who was my Dad) noticed. Which the mother did not, because all her attention was on her phone call. It may have been a Very Important phone call, indeed, it probably was. But surely she could have stayed safe in the grounds of the school until she had finished rather than exposing children and dogs to risk of death. I guess she will not have learned her lesson, because she didn't notice that her dogs and children were on the road. One of the other children dragged them all back.

I guess if my Dad had been driving at the speed limit rather than considerably under it and if he had been looking the other way she would have learned her lesson, and we would all be having a Very Bad Day indeed today. I hate close calls.


Roger Parkinson said...

A person would rather not be the instrument of natural selection in these cases, even if it does demonstrate how right Mr Darwin was. The satisfaction of showing his theory working would be outweighed by, well, everything.

mimbles said...

Yikes! Also *shudder* even more than at the HAT post.

Penthe said...

Yes, Roger, but it should have the been the mother wiped out before breeding according to your thesis. And think of the puppies! The puppies!!!!!

Roger Parkinson said...

I forgot the puppies in the enormity of the rest of it. Perhaps Darwin would say they should choose better owners, or perhaps not.

Wiping out the mother before she breeds does work, but so, unfortunately, does wiping out every last kid she produces. Natural selection is not nice, whichever way it works.