Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, if you don't have children you don't have empathy or love, and if you have ever voted Green you are un-Australian and do not love your family.

What a week.


Roger Parkinson said...

What if you have cats?

Did you know that in 3rd Century Byzantium everything could be derived by which chariot team you supported in the races? I won't get this right but if you supported the Blues you also supported the Empress and you definitely believed something quite subtle about the nature of Christ. If you supported the Reds (or was it the Whites?) then you supported the Emperor and believed something else quite subtle about the nature of Christ. It was all very, very important and the Emperor and Empress seemed to get on surprisingly well most of the time in spite of this. The factions regularly had street fights etc.

Politics has always come in packages, I suspect.

Penthe said...

I am in favour of Australian politicians being forced to take part in chariot races. Especially if it means we cannot hear what they are saying. How are your NZ mob going?

There's something about the chariots in I Claudius, I think.

Roger Parkinson said...

I don't recall 'I Claudius' well enough but I'm sure you're right. There's a big chariot race in 'Ben Hur' too. Probably chariot races were like soccer back then, everyone was into it (unless they were into rugby). And they were, no doubt, into the associated politics and religion package too.

I would worry that our politicians would frighten the horses.

Penthe said...

Yes, horses are much more sensitive than rugby players. You'd have to be careful.

Togas not so good for rugby. Ahem.