Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daleks, curse them

So the kid has developed a full blown Dr Who fandom. Which is all good and proper for a young feller. However, he has also developed three-times-a-night nightmares about Daleks.

Tonight I had to threaten to boot said Daleks on the bottom before he could get to sleep.

It's that kind of violence-is-the-answer thinking that leads to Daleks, you know. I feel like I am on the slippery slope. I bet Davros told his kid that he'd boot his nightmares up the bottom.

Curse that Russell T Davies and that other guy who isn't Russell T Davies.

My mum used to tell me to think of something nice when I had nightmares. So I'd think about Christmas. But then, in my imagination, behind the presents, the silhouette of the vampire would rise*. So it didn't help me sleep, but it did ruin Christmas.

*For reasons I cannot clearly explain the Christmas vampire always arose behind a white, Japanese paper screen. Very eighties**. We never owned a white, Japanese paper screen, or any other kind of screen for that matter. I saw a lot of vampire movies, but there was a never a white, Japanese paper screen in any of them as far as I remember. It was the vampire floating outside the window in Salem's Lot that bothered me***. Mum told me that vampires didn't know the way to our house after we moved. That worked much better. Also, I made the cat sleep on my bed, because that cat was scarier than anything that lived or breathed (or unlived and unbreathed for that matter).

** But not very christmassy, actually, for that matter.

*** I did have one Dr Who nightmare, but it was so scary I couldn't talk about it. My brother had a nightmare about the stomach machine. He has a much, much better imagination than me.


Roger Parkinson said...

"Christmas Vampire"
If that isn't from a book then it's time to write one. The only vampire book I've read is Bram Stoker. I think there have been others since and it might have been done already.
Daleks are scary, though. I have a small remote controlled one which shouts things (usually EXTERMINATE). It scares next doors' cat and I don't think he even watches Dr Who.

Ampersand Duck said...

I used to have Dalek nightmares, and cured them by realising that all I had to do was run up stairs. But! Curse Russell T Davies, he gave them BOOSTERS to fly! Now I hates them again, precious.

mimbles said...

I just wrote an overly long comment about mine and my kids' childhood nightmares. And then blogger ate it.

Maybe I'll turn it into a post one day instead.

I reckon you should tell the kid to instruct his brain to pack a baseball bat and some nitro-9 before going to sleep. That should take care of those Daleks.

sewa mobil said...

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Jacqui said...

Ah, a subject close to my heart. I was more scared of cybermen than the daleks as a child - something to do with them being responsible for the death of my beloved Adric.

I have a feeling that Moo's fear of Santa originates from a Xmas special he watched as a toddler.

GMT+10 said...

Never, NEVER let him watch 'The Waters of Mars'. Even our asbestos son was rattled by that one. Daleks, Cybermen, bring them on! - but once the Doctor gets dark himself, things cross a line...