Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rage and silence

Part of the reason I am not blogging so much at the moment is because I am filled with rage at all kinds of things and I could easily become a little indiscriminate about it all.

Suffice to say my poor colleagues are not receiving quite as much consideration and are starting to look a little glassy eyed.

I will say that I don't think children should be in detention, it's not the decision of the mother to let her two-year-old visit her Dad that caused the kid to be dead, if we had better accommodation for homeless families they might not be living in tents and I think it's wrong to show the dead bodies of people killed in wars and not just for political reasons but because no one should be treated like that whoever they are, and whatever they've said or done.

Also, there is no statutory requirement that little girls wear only pink bathers, good people of Canberra. You can choose another colour.

*Incoherent screaming*


GMT+10 said...

Hear, hear - to all of the above.
Can I add that it will not bring the country into surplus much sooner to rip the guts out of our important national cultural assets?
And also the confusion caused to my poor daughter by the stupid rebranding of ABC2 as 4Kids, when it is on Channel 22, has nothing to do with the number 4, and she absolutely adored singing "it's more for me and you"...
Or is that too much?

Penthe said...

Yes, I went to a protest outside the National Archives at lunch time today to say 'stop ripping funding out of small but vital institutions, eh?' and I thought of you and your research quite a lot.

Yes, what's with this whole pointless change thing anyway, ABC? And I saw Chris Uhlmann this morning and nearly gave him a Piece of My Mind, but I didn't because he was trying to have a peaceful cup of coffee, which is sacred even for people who write complete garbage from time to time.

Roger Parkinson said...

I do agree that showing dead bodies of people killed in wars or whatever is just wrong. If it is wrong when the bad guys do it then it is still wrong when the good guys do it (fill in your own preference for which is which).

But I'm not so sure about the pink bathers. How will they know they're little girls and not little boys? Next thing they'll be driving trucks and drinking beer and belching in public. Civilisation will quickly collapse when that happens.

seepi said...

Chris Uhlman is quite nice in person, but never forget he did try to be a politician with the mad right wing footballers party.

Children in detention. sigh. I thought this was all fixed, and now it is as bad as ever. I wrote them a letter about it months ago - finally got a reply saying they were well onto it, all kids would soon be out etc etc. Then heard the minister on the radio on the same day confessing that only a quarter of kids were out and they were trying hard to find somewhere for the rest. Not even all unaccompanied kids are out - what are they doing!

pink bathers - we could choose another colour, but not if we shop at target, or anywhere else cheapish.

Penthe said...

Yes to all the things you all say. We also shop at Target, but have the boy problem of avoiding screaming skulls and camouflage gear.

Heh, I don't like the sound of civilisation collapsing because of belching. Sounds very smelly indeed.

seepi said...

And in further Pink / Blue news, baby sized glasses are another product that is only available in dark blue or pale pink.

Of course.