Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dr Who

So, the kid is too scared to actually watch the present series of Dr Who but is besotted with Dr Who. Thanks to the glories of the internet, he can now read the plot summaries of every episode, watch trailers, read the Wikepedia entries on all the Dr Whos ever made and so on ad infinitum. He is a very well informed Dr Who scholar, but really has not seen very many episodes of Dr Who. Even the non-scary ones set off the dalek nightmares, alas.

Also, Dr Who inspires some pretty amazing home made merchandise.

In other news, the husband is building us built-in bookshelves so we can isolate the paperbacks.


Roger Parkinson said...

"isolate the paperbacks"

Sounds important. I think it says in the Bible you have to keep them separate from hardbacks doesn't it? Or was that something else?

Always intrigued by the kid. So he reads up on Dr Who in an essentially academic sense? I guess it could just as easily be called a nerd sense (or is it geek, I forget). Daleks are very scary though.

tc said...

That is exactly the approach my eldest lad takes to things...he explained it all to me in some detail the other day about how he likes suspense but dislikes being startled, and that's why he prefers books over movies.

Penthe said...

Wise words, my friends.

Academic, nerdy, geeky - same same in my book. Or at least with a very big overlap in a venn diagram.

tc, I think your son is showing an amazing level of insight. Must be all the travel and so on.