Monday, May 30, 2011

Chatter chatter chatter

Does anyone else's child or more junior acquaintances go through days (and days and days) where they just dont' stop talking and everything they say is either about Dr Who or about something completely random and there are no segues?

A brief sample:
Are there more naughts in naughts and crosses?
Fozzy Bear tells really bad jokes, remember the one where the telephone spurts smoke out at him and Animal pours water on the phone?
I am not being slow, I'm getting ready, really.
And then, when they landed on that planet, the daleks were already there....
MUM INTERJECTS - Are we talking about Dr Who now, which one?
The one from Series 3, you know.
MUM REPLIES - No, I don't remember Series 3 because it was made before I was born.
Oh, well, the daleks were already there and the Dr had to destroy them all, but Daleks can always come back, like in the one where Donna Noble got the Dr's brain but then she couldn't handle it and *looks in another direction*
I still have three timtams left, you don't have any timtams left.
And then Jackson shouted at me about my technology project and all he was doing was painting stuff and WE HADN'T EVEN FINISHED BUILDING THE WALLS YET.
(Odd snorty noise somewhere between a laugh and a death rattle).
Blah blah blah blah.



mimbles said...


I am known to utter the phrase "Tom, just. stop. talking." rather more often than a parent probably should.

Anonymous said...

yesssssssss this is exactly how it is.

Sometimes they grow up to become excellent lawyers. Mine did.


tc said...

We have lately become convinced that there is not a single thought in our childrens' heads which is not translated into sound of the vocal kind. It's exhausting, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just by coincidence, on 1st June there was a lovely story about Kidspeak on The Bookshow .... see this link, click on the 1st June item entitled 'The Word of the Year' and listen - only lasts a few minutes.