Friday, May 20, 2011

Off to Mexico and changing my name to Trotsky

Hoping next week I am a better public servant, student, parent and all round human being.

I would just like to mention to the world-at-large that human rights are for humans. All of them.

I would just like to mention to myself that humans who don't respect other people's human rights, still have human rights. Sigh.


Roger Parkinson said...

Oh, this is the hard bit about human rights. Even the scumbags must get them. Like you we have state funded defence lawyers who, though they are decent folk, have to defend the worst of people. I have the greatest admiration for such lawyers. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.

Are you really off to Mexico? If so watch out for pleasant young men carrying ice picks. I suspect they would not mistake you for Trotsky though.

Penthe said...

No, I'm not off to Mexico. Just having fantasy lives. I think I would rather be Diego Rivera now I think on it futher.

Might be over your way in October though.

Roger Parkinson said...

"Might be over your way in October though."

Mexico, NZ, yeah I see why you'd get us mixed up. We're both 'somewhere to the east' and we both have dodgy economies. Just remember in NZ we're the ones who can say 'x'.

If you do make it over here we'd be keen for a meetup. We're in Auckland. Compared to you everywhere here is just around the corner but our roads aren't as good so that stretches out the distances. It means Wellington and Christchurch are as far away as Adelaide and Brisbane. Our Perth is the Chatham Islands. :-)

Wendy said...

Oh dear, sounds like a heavy week has ended. Hooray for endings and new beginnings.

Penthe said...

Yeah, NZ is just like Mexico, except I believe you export less illegal drugs to the US, and illegal immigrants to the US from NZ are called 'very, very wet indeed backs'.

I expect we'll be flying into Christchurch, and our family people are in Invercargill (which according to your metaphor must be on the moon compared to Auckland). However, I'm sure I can manage to do the things it takes to get to Auckland, which is I guess getting on some sort of air-based transportation system? We have two islands in Australia, but we just ignore one of them, so I'm not used to dealing with it. Will certainly catch up for a nice cup of tea or somesuch, if you two are available.

Wendy, if that's your real name, it feels like things are just kicking off, actually.