Saturday, December 31, 2011

The junior in the jargon

Every so often I have a bit of a google around, looking up the junior's various conditions singly or in various combinations. It's because some of the things are quite rare, and one of them is very newly recognised as a thing, so I kind of like to hear if anyone has some new thinking about any of it. Because of Reasons he has had tests sent to Paris, been treated in Barcelona and has doctors in Canberra and Sydney.  This tends to make it difficult to just have a yarn to the doctor any old time I have a question.

So a while ago I was doing my googling and I found an abstract from a conference in Portugal that sounded pretty darn exciting, because it sounded like someone else had exactly the same situation that junior had, and some pretty darn smart doctors were thinking about it.  And then I realised, of course, that it was my junior that they were talking about and not some other kid at all.  And that they didn't know anything much either, but wanted to tell all the other doctors all about it.

No one else would recognise him, except us and his very own doctors, but it's a very peculiar thing to have such particular and precise and accurate information rocketing around the world, and yet information that is so utterly unlike the junior's actual life.

I was very disappointed that it wasn't someone else.  I desperately wanted us to be not the only ones in this particular situation.  Which is a terrible thing to think, really, when you think about it even a tiny bit. Which I have since, but didn't so much when I first felt that thud of disappointment and oddness when I recognised the junior in the medical jargon. 


Charlotte said...

ah gee I hope the clever doctors get even cleverer...maybe in 2012.

I hear you on the googling medical conditions thing--I would have loved to have found someone else who had what I had once, and I tried and tried, but never did.

Roger Parkinson said...

If he's going to be famous for something you'd rather it was something else, of course. But it is interesting that he's famous in an anonymous kind of way.
Just maybe it means the smart people are taking notice though, that's got to be a plus. Even if they don't have answers they won't ever have answers if they don't have the right questions.
But I do get that 'thud of disappointment' thing. Must be tough.