Friday, December 16, 2011


Dear computer game people

I would like a new computer game.  If you make me a computer game that is the sort of computer game I like, I will pay you real cash money. 

I don't like shooting people very much and I don't like strategy war games.  I like strategy and puzzle games that are not boring and patronising.  I don't care if the pictures are amazing particularly.  I like to build cities and organise stuff.  I like trading and developing skills.  I don't get to enjoy sound tracks much because someone else is always trying to do homework or go to sleep or write their PhD or is playing a noisier game, so don't go to too much trouble there.

Please make me an interesting, complicated game that goes on for a while. 


Charlotte said...

Have you tried Civilization?

Penthe said...

Is a good idea, but yes.