Thursday, August 2, 2007

New AFOs (not UFOs)

Next Tuesday we’re going into the hospital to have the Noodle’s legs cast for his new AFOs. After The Incident last year he couldn’t walk at all for a while, and when he got stronger he could only walk on his toes. The physiotherapists put his legs into a series of three sets of casts to put his feet in the right position. He’s outgrown his first set of AFOs already, though, in less than six months. His feet are going to be the size of a small country town by the time he’s fully grown.

The Noodle liked to call them UFOs, even though he didn't know what UFOs are, exactly.

The physiotherapists have been terrific. Not just the ones from the hospital, but also the ones from trusty and beloved Montrose access. Noodle gets along very well with nearly all his team of medical assistants – neurologists, metabolic specialists, ophthalmologists and other eye specialists, occupational therapists and so on – but the physios have always been his favourite group. They always seem to be really positive, to have a great sense of humour and to happily discuss treatment and whatever else with the Noodle. I’ve never had much to do with physiotherapists before, except for the very sporty young man who came around to visit after I gave birth to the Noodle. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with huge and wallowing women, but he was very helpful and kind.

We’ve been pretty lucky this month, though. I think we’ve only got one medical visit. It’s almost worth having a party.

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