Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sovereign Hill reality

Here we are back from our holiday in Victoria, returned from our experience of the fakey Victorian period town of Sovereign Hill into our all-too-real Victorian era house (thankfully with modernish plumbing).

The Noodle commented that Sovereign Hill was like the past, only not so stinky, and with less death. We brought home with us many lollies, including the highly coloured raspberry drops, which leave the Noodle looking like a fluoresced vampire . We loved Sovereign Hill so much that we totally blew our cool with our inner-urban friends, who are used to a bit more world weary cynicism. I think living in the regions has made us grateful for any kind of entertainment, education or tasty treats. So grateful that we completely touristed out in Melbourne and ate cake in Acland Street, ate breakfast in Brunswick Street, ate a pub dinner in Napier Street, drank coffee in Lygon Street and wandered the laneways of Melbourne ooo-ing and aaah-ing.

We did not resemble the romantic television advertisements for Melbourne in any way, since our winter clothes consist of the Queenslander's option of just adding more t-shirts and shirts until you resemble a bag lady rather than an urban sophisticate. But hey, why elevate one urban dwelling archetype over another anyway?

Since we are moving to Canberra next year we shall have to invest in genuine winter clothes. Concepts such as 'wool' and 'polar fleece' may become a reality for us cotton-wearing humidity jockeys. Apparently they have this thing called 'heating' down there. We've survived a winter of minimums below zero here in Lower Trainswich, so I think we'll probably survive Canberra winters.


Me - The Gift by Diana Wynne Jones, in which a girl discovers her relatives are much more exciting that she had been led to believe.

Noodle - The Naughtiest Girl in School by Enid Blyton, in an attempt to distract himself from the conviction that Voldemort is coming after him. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has been put aside for a while.

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