Thursday, August 30, 2007

PoMo English title generator

It frightens me that many of these titles sound more plausible than my 'real' ex-thesis title (which was rather dull).

Find a thesis or paper topic for your favourite book.

Here are some samples:

Michelle Luchashenko Problematizing Autobiography: Too Flash and the Technologies of Bodies

  • Excavating the Female Authority in Michelle Luchashenko: Too Flash and Homoerotics

  • Poetics and Permeability in Too Flash: Michelle Luchashenko Norming Homosocial Seduction

  • Visioning, Perverting, Objectifying: Semiotics in Michelle Luchashenko and the Racist Withdrawal of Hybridity in Too Flash

  • The Silence of Self and the Suppressive in Michelle Luchashenko's Too Flash

    And you know what, I really could write a paper on any one of those topics. I really, really could.

    I stole this from Ancrene Wiseass, who could probably convince a much stronger personality than me that a undertaking a PhD is a stupid idea. But still she soldiers on, with dedication and flair.

    PS: My thesis title was Australian Indigenous children's literature: texts and publication. I couldn't think of a pun. Clearly not cut out to be a Dr.

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