Friday, September 26, 2008

Grand Final

Alas for the Brisbane Lions. Have defaulted to barracking for Geelong, although I have no good reason for this. I did once have a quite tasty pie in Geelong, but I've had much more fun in Hawthorn over the years, so it can't be that simple.

The Noodle's first Grand Final was the 2002 tension-o-rama between the Lions and Collingwood. He was not quite one, and despite his bold flag waving, was horrified by the intense barracking of his Dad. His Dad was overwhelmed by the tension himself, and had to keep going for little strolls around the front garden. The 2003 Grand Final was less exciting, but there were no tears, and no one had a stomach ache.

I have nothing to say about 2004. Nothing at all.

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