Thursday, September 18, 2008

Less waiting

Well, one piece of news turned up.

Still waiting for some medical results for the Noodle. During the first half of this year we had an almost doctor-free period. Anyone who has experienced the appointment and intervention roundabout will understand what a pleasure that was. Anyone who has not experienced the roundabout probably doesn't think about it much. Blessings upon them, and hoping that they stay free of doctors forever, or at least until twenty or so years after retirement.

But since July we've had a pretty doctor-intensive period - although nothing like the months after the Incident, or even the period of time after the Noodle's initial (non-)diagnosis.

We've been to Sydney twice, to both of the children's hospitals. Mysteriously, in Sydney they don't seem to think that bringing all their patients to out-patients or specialist clinic at the same time and letting them all wait for hours is a good idea. Perhaps they could send a time and motion expert to Brisbane to advise.

I hope the results come next week. The news will be neither good nor bad. But the more information the better. It'll help us know what we should be concerned about, and we what we don't need to be concerned about.


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Ampersand Duck said...

Gawd, do I know that pain. I was run around Canberra's pathetic facilities for kids eleven years ago, and then was sent to Sydney where suddenly Bumblebee was whisked efficiently from service to service and treated respectfully. What a difference. I think it's marginally better in the ACT now, but maybe that's because I haven't been on the carousel for a while.