Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post Grand Final Post

I think I spoke too soon. The Noodle proved to be very *ahem* sensitive to the tension of the Grand Final. He was expecting Geelong to win. It shouldn't have come of a surprise to me, since he was in tears watching the finale of Scrap Heap Challenge last week.

Afterwards we went to the Canberra Nara festival, and wondered whether Nara holds a Canberra festival and what on earth they would do there. This festival had koto music, calligraphy and kite flying. But the best bit was the candles. The Nara Park has a dry watercourse, which was filled with tea lights so that the whole thing was a flickering stream of light. Actually, it was a bit like the bit in The Spellcoats where Tanaqui enters the river and the souls are streaming through the shimmering light. It was actually quite hard to tell if the candles were sitting in water or not in the dim, moving light.

People keep telling us that Canberra folk don't turn up to stuff, but tens of thousands of them seem to go to all the same places we do. With little kiddies.

I had to miss a picnic in the park earlier in the day, though, because of other obligations. However, Happy Birthday.

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