Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Member of the Wedding (or creative work avoidance)

Hello. We return from the successful linking together of Man o' Sand and Girl o' Sea down in Melbourne town. Successful in that they made it through the weekend of wedding events, and still give every impression of intending to stay married. Successful in that many relatives sat in close proximity for many hours on separate occasions, and no blood was spilt (of the literal red kind or the transparent kind that comes out of people's mouths occasionally after a shandy or two). Successful in that singing and dancing was carried out by those under the age of four and by those over the age of four and all had a mighty fine time doing that. Successful in that it was the absolutely funnest wedding I've ever been to, and I can't imagine a funner one.

It was held here.

This band played.

The husband speechified.

The Noodle danced with beautiful ladies. But not the Bride. I think he thought she was a bit too beautiful to ask to dance.

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