Saturday, January 3, 2009

A new year's miracle at the DFO

This morning, after a most time consuming breakfast experience, the family jaunted off to the DFO in Fyshwick. We had never adventured to the DFO before, but we all needed to buy shoes. Shoes appropriate to the Wedding of the Century (now a mere fifteen days away). Shoe purchasing has proven to be a difficult and occasionally horrifying experience over the past few years, so the extra challenge of rising to an Important Occasion was a teeny touch stressful.

The Husband (known as introvert) is giving a speech at the Wedding of the Century. A person cannot give a good speech in bad shoes. If Confucius didn't say that, he blooming well should've.

First impression - DFO is really, really big. Second impression - there's actually stuff there a person might like to buy. Third impression - better not go there too often.

So to our miracle. All three of us found shoes that we actually, genuinely, reallio, trulio wanted to own and wear. In different shops, admittedly.

We purchased our footwear and decamped to an afternoon of cricket. Again. Although later we also visited the Botanic Gardens and watched white winged choughs behaving very strangely towards a lizard.

And if it comforts anyone the Husband (known at the time as not-yet-husband) and I had a doozy of a fight over whether or not the things in our wedding invitations should be centred or left aligned. Tears and madness. But we like each other again now.


Zoe said...

Is it your wedding? Whyever now?

(Which is rather forward of me, I see as soon as I type, but I Genuinely Want to Know)

Penthe said...

No, not our wedding. We have been wed for a bit more than nine years. But there is wedding activity going on for others that requires suitable shoeage.

We, oddly enough, did things the Old Fashioned Way and got married and then reproduced. Weird, really.

Revie said...

There is a shoe store in a mall near our house that just opened and I swear, there are like 10,000 different choices in shoes. It's overwhelming, but in a candy store kind of way. I'm not big into shoes, but that is a fun store just to roam the aisles.

Glad your family will be suitably shod for the Big Event.

straightandnarrow said...

This just makes me feel bad for all the wedding guests out there who have had to trudge around looking for shoes. At least it's sale season. Plus, we are all doing our bit to stave off the Recession. I bought two pairs, but as the bride, I am allowed. I am also allowed to buy expensive skin care products for husband-to-be and be and make him use them.

Penthe said...

It's a pleasure to have an excuse to buy new shoes. Especially happiness-inducing ones. So thanks for that.