Friday, January 30, 2009

Strategies for surviving the heat.

1. Frozen bottles of water in freezer
2. Cool water in fridge
3. Dripping water on seedlings and herbs (and feet)
4. Bath water
5. Shower water
6. Wet washer
7. Ice pack

Strategies for becoming irritable in the heat

1. Hearing from the in-laws that it is only 15 degrees in Invercargill. Although they did invite us to jump on a plane and fly on over. *

*starts counting coins in the bottom of the handbag*


Zoe said...

Ms Penth,e, &Duck and I are organising a blogmeet on 14 Feb at the castle in Commonwealth park (small people welcome) and I would love you + folks to come. Are you in town?

email is

Penthe said...

Sure, that would absolutely grand. I shall email you presently. Thanks for the invitation.