Thursday, March 19, 2009


Was very impressive this morning. A veritable feast of golden pink, not unlike a tutu that my Mum made me when I was but a lassie. (Although in truth that was pink and silver, but it gave me a similar sense of how marvellous and brilliant the world could be).

The golden tiles on the legislative assembly were also in fine form in the bright yellow afternoon sunshine. Some of them are extremely glimmery, while others are quite humble.

I'm not sure that the rest of the building deserves their shiny goodness, though. It looks like the kind of building that would be content with beige, black and aqua, alas. No comment on those housed within, of course. For the longest time I thought the assembly building was hidden somehow behind the carparks on the hill that sits just between Civic and the lake. I thought I was just missing some glorious edifice that would inspire me with political passion and the overwhelming joy that is Canberra. But no. Although there is a very stylish retaining wall.

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