Sunday, March 8, 2009

We went out and we had fun.

So huge thanks to the National Gallery and all the volunteers at the family day in the Sculpture Garden. We went out and we had fun. The Noodle was inspired by all kinds of art and made sculptures out of cardboard and paper and sticks and wool and painted a colourful painting which was laid to dry on the bushes in the manner of a 19th century laundry maid. He was so excited and impressed that he had to use his expert voice, the one he learned from BBC documentary series like Time Team. There is no higher praise.

There was sausage inna bun. And ginger beer.

And even though we had to brave the public transport system, we made it home safe and sound, with the useful additions of bread, milk, grinders coffee and instant chocolate mousse mix. And yes, it tastes like it came out of a packet and cost $3, but it somehow ended the day with the eggbeaters of perfection.

Tomorrow is the real life Canberra Day. So happy International Women's Day, and remember to celebrate the national capital tomorrow. Any of you Queensland folk could celebrate by investing in a ticket to Canberra if you like. We'll put you up in the spare bedroom, take you to the National Gallery (devoid of art workshops, alas) and share that last sachet of instant mousse mix. We are safe from cyclones too.

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