Saturday, April 4, 2009

Escape fantasies

Since the people from Berlin have proved to be uncooperative over many, many years, is anyone keen to share a nice cottage in Normandy for a week or two?

Or maybe somewhere on the South Coast.

Walk in the park?

Long look out the window?



Man O' Sand said...

Um, as no-one else has asked, what? I am a little confused. South coast? To which do you refer? Marseille or Bega?

Penthe said...

Any damn place. Any damn place with no office buildings.

Man O' Sand said...

Now I want to know about the filing training. Did you have to sing the ABC song?

Penthe said...

Oh if only.

It's electronic filing - you don't even need to know the alphabet. All those years watching Sesame Street for nuthin.