Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silly things about me

Myrope tagged me with a meme. I'm not convinced that her things are actually silly enough. Most of them sound quite sensible to me. And I'm not convinced I can stop at just seven. But there it is, I shall restrain myself in order to obey the rules.

1. Once a telephone research person rang up to ask me about cheese. He asked me to name all the kinds of cheese I could think of. So I did. It took quite a long time and included many cheeses that were not on his list, but would possibly be familiar to Monty Python fans. It just occurred to me that perhaps what he was looking for were brand names. It's quite likely that no company on the planet commissioned research on how many different kinds of cheese the population know about. Oh well, it's too late now to go back and say Bega and Cracker Barrel instead of tilsit and raclette. Now that I have been to Providore over in Manuka I could probably name even more.

2. I felt embarrassed the first time I read I Capture the Castle when one of the characters describes the narrator as consciously naive.

3. I like the Muppet Show more than I like Heart of Darkness.

4. When I was about five I imagined that I would grow up to have dead thick dead straight dead black hair. At the time I had slightly wavy very blonde hair. My mum tried to persuade me that it wouldn't happen that way, but I just didn't believe her. I believe her now. Even though I am no longer blonde at all.

5. I also wanted to have eleven daughters with names like Gwendolyn, Guinevere and Galadriel. I myself wanted to be called Sarah, like my idol on Dr Who.

6. I don't doodle as much as I used to.

7. Even though I've given up on writing fiction, I know what my character is doing quite a lot of the time. So far she's been locked up in a train carriage, stuck on an island set up as a leper colony, walked along a dusty road leaving bare-footprints in the bone coloured dirt, ridden a raft in a flooded creek, experienced snow in the mountains for the first time (with snow gums) and found an empty house where her home should be. If only she showed any signs of narrative progression, what an interesting story she could have. She's also got holes in her jumper, but I don't know where she managed to find boots and socks between the dirt road and the mountains. Once she found a farm house with two people living in it who would have preferred to live somewhere else.

That's enough.

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kazari said...

That was an awesome list.
Thanks for playing!

Oh, and your last point has me completely intrigued. I think your character needs a place to play: