Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long weekend

Last day off for the Noodle before school tomorrow. Last public holiday for a long, long stretch here in the ACT. The husband back tutoring this week as well. Crunch back to reality again.

Spent the long weekend rearranging the Noodle's bedroom so that he can sleep better. Since he decided to face the other way round his sleep has been amazing. It's disconcerting to realise how tired he must have been feeling before. No need for leeping now, because with the lack of over-tiredness there is (thus far) nothing to forgive.

The house is also more-or-less clean. More clean than it was, possibly less clean than it could be. But clean enough to invite someone in for coffee without internally making that Marge Simpson anxiety sound and grimacing like a capuchin monkey in fear of its life.

Yesterday I also went shopping for new work clothes and maybe became a little carried away in David Jones. I blame the 25% off signs everywhere. They obviously work a treat on the susceptible. But I do have some very smart looking new clothes, which I will have to pep-talk myself into believing that I deserve to wear. Maybe I should do my nails.

Horribly I am between books, having finished diverse murder mysteries and having ground to halt with A.S.Byatt. I like her stories that are half a book long. Just right for me. In the Guardian she says that all her writers are wreckers. It wasn't how I had been thinking of her characters. Perhaps I have stopped reading because I need to ponder a bit more. If I think about that as well, though, I'll never get back to it. Unlike the rest of the people on the planet, I really didn't enjoy Possession very much. But it wasn't the characters as writers, it was the turban that did it for me. I loathe that turban with a bitter and unreflecting hatred. I don't mind Simone de Beauvoir's turban, though, so it's not a generic problem.

Today the Noodle and I are going to make a cardboard pirate ship, and see if we can do it without acrimony and destruction. Either that or scones.

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