Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A few days off


The Noodle and I are traversing south to visit my aunty. I am hoping that my work will miraculously finish itself in my absence. This is unlikely, and will give rise to false expectations. But I can't help wishing it nonetheless.

The husband is remaining in the heart of the nation to ensure that young people can fulfil their desire to become writers of short stories, and to supply books to those residents of the heart of the nation who cannot live through the weekend without new novel or insightful political tract.

Presumably everyone else will be going about their business. Good show, everyone else.


Man O'Sand said...

Are you coming this far south?

Penthe said...

Going to Dromana, but for various family-related reasons I don't think I'll be getting far out of Dromana. Which is why I haven't been publicising the trip.