Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jiggety jog

Some extremely tired people have made it home to the heart of the nation. Extremely tired because we had so much fun that we couldn't quite bring ourselves to stop having fun. Also, I think we were worried that if we stopped being busy we might notice too much that we were missing the husband who stayed at home to be the responsible parent.

But everywhere the Noodle and I went the hospitality, friendliness and joy were laid on. Down at the Rosebud pier we saw a little penguin swimming about rubbernecking, a sting ray (very badly camouflaged on the sandy bottom but would've been invisible in weed), many seagulls and two birds that I intend to believe were albatrosses. They had curved bright yellow beaks with reddish tips, they were big, they were in the ocean and they chatted to each other by saying 'yerp yerp yerp yerp'. I liked them immensely, whatever they were. Monster ships also obligingly took themselves along the channel for our entertainment, and on the beach we found all kinds of shells and the Noodle essayed paddling even though it was *ahem* coolish. And did I mention the penguin?

While down on the peninsula we also ate ourselves senseless thanks to an outstanding Thai restaurant in Macrae. Across the road from a realio trulio lighthouse. The lighthouse looked like it should be bolted on a rock somewhere in the north sea rather than in the middle of a genteel beach resort, so it was a great aid to imagination. I think the restaurant might, in fact, be called 'The Lighthouse Cafe' if you find yourselves in those parts. Heartily recommend the rockling and the duck salad.

On other days we tootled down to Sorrento and up to Arthur's Seat and played in the mazes which was amazing!!! Geddit? I drove all the way to Sorrento without nearly killing anyone, and then drove to Red Hill and nearly killed us all - I am most grateful to the other drivers with good reflexes and a kindly attitude. Yah boo sucks to Give Way signs. I vote for Stop signs for all intersections.

We met some fellows on the train between Frankston and town, one an aged Carlton supporter, and one a much-less-aged Saints fan. Both were against Monday night football, which conversation entertained us mightily all the way, with brief looking-out-the-window breaks for unfamiliar suburbs. For a girl from the outer-east training in from Frankston was quite the adventure.

In town the Noodle and I visited Haigs and the counter person gave the Noodle a very generous sample bag. Which he very generously shared with his old and shamelessly grasping mother. Yum.

Finished up with a day at the museum and a night visiting the nearly-newly-weds in Brunswick. It was a pleasure to see them in their natural environment being all productive and charming and entertaining. And ate even more tasty food.

Deep inside is an awareness of how unfair it was that the husband had to stay home and missed out on all the fun, but it's buried beneath layers of toasted sandwiches, chocolate and cherry cake, cherry flummery and cauliflower and parsnip soup. No one would want to excavate through all that, now, would they?

We did bring him home some chocolates from Haigs, though. That must count for something.

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