Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby you can drive my car

Yes, yes, it's back with the driving lessons. I drove to work today with my new driving instructor in a car the like of which I had never imagined myself on the inside of. (If I was Winston Churchill I could do that sentence without dangling bitties, but also without sense. But there it is. We can't all write as if we regretted the end of the Roman Empire, now can we? No. The like of which the inside of I had never imagined myself - you see, it's no good.)

The car had a rear spoiler, if you can imagine such a thing. And imagine me inside that car. And also driving it. I almost wish I was a seventeen year old boy so I could have sufficient fun out of it.

The driving was a somewhat less than entirely vile experience, so perhaps I'll be getting the hang of it yet. The man explained why it is that the clutch makes the car go, which was oddly helpful and also meant five minutes where I was not in charge of a ton of killer metal but sitting and listening quietly to explanations instead, which is something that I am good at. At which is something that I am good.


kazari said...

Go Pen! It took me two years to learn to drive, and more than one driver suggested I get an automatic.

And last year, on my birthday, I decided 30 was too old to be scared of driving. So I stopped.
Being scared, that is.
Not driving.

It gets easier.

Penthe said...

I think I'm stopping being scared just by doing it over and over again. It gets kind of boring instead, which is a definite improvement of vomit-inducing anxiety.

cristy said...

While learning to drive I had to keep reminding myself that many complete idiots could do it and therefore it would also get easier for me. For some reason it helped.

Good luck with it. It does get better. I promise.

Wendy said...

I'm so impressed with your perseverence and overcoming of anxiety. I loved driving from the beginning, felt it was a form of freedom and escape. My narrow horizons suddenly expanded beyond imagining, I could go to the almost impossible to reach by public transport places.

Anonymous said...

Most people do not realize it but the fear of driving is actually a very prominent one. I am happy to hear that you overcame this fear! Good luck to you.

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