Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In which magic lunchboxes do not play sport, to my lasting sorrow.

The Noodle is back at school this week. He's fallen in with the sporty crowd again. I miss the stories of the various magical creatures (including the magical lunch box) that he and his less-sporty friends used to imagine. It's astonishing how monumentally dull, and by monument I am thinking Mount Rushmore rather than country town ANZAC memorial, a blow-by-blow account of six and seven year olds playing rugby/soccer/footy/cricket can be. I have a much higher tolerance for magic lunchboxes.

I have a new desk with a window, though. I can see branches and sky as well as my computer screen. I am looking forward to seeing the beauties of spring emerge, safely within my glass, pollen-proof cage.


Anonymous said...

Has the noodle got his new AFOs yet and what colour did he end up with?

Penthe said...

Not yet, another few weeks I guess.