Friday, September 18, 2009

The chores of spring (no symphony, alas)

Including spring cleaning, of course, although I don't propose to write about that in case I give anyone the impression of competence.

This morning we collected the Noodle's new glasses - two stylish pairs, one with dark grey frames (plus tiny Spongebobs) and one with blue. He looks very stylish and intellectual, and even more laughably like his father than usual. I am so glad he has inherited my mutant little toes and pointy chin, because otherwise I would doubt the connection at all. Although he does have an expression when concentrating or mildy irritable (being closely related emotions in this family) that is comically like my Mum. When very irritable, on the other hand, he looks so much like his Yaya that it is beyond frightening. In that mood I would quite happily back him against the White Witch (with or without turkish delight).

He was pretty irritable when he found out he had to have glasses. One more thing to worry about, one more constant little intervention to add to his AFOs, his exercises and his constant anxiety about getting sick or having to have more tests. But now that he has the glasses he seems quite excited. It rather helps that one of his idols at school has also recently started wearing glasses. Thank goodness for that, I say. He doesn't have to wear them all the time, but he's decided to wear them to school on Monday to see how it goes.

Monday is also dress up day at school, as a gold-coin fundraiser for the RSPCA. The idea is to go costumed as something starting with R, S, P, C or A. We were thinking 'pirate' because that is an easy outfit that can be made up out of old ballet cossies, scarves and other bits and pieces. But then, while looking through the dress-ups archive box I found an old knight's costume that a friend brought back from England one year. It still fits! So now he is going as a crusader, and although he is not sure that he wishes to represent the philosophy of crusading as such he is pretty darn chuffed with the fake chain mail, the foam sword and the extraordinarily brilliant shield we have made out of red and black cardboard. The Noodle's design has a sword on one side and a snake on the other and at this point I would like to say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

My cutting and pasting is outstanding. By which I mean that anyone who is an artist or person who habitually cuts and pastes such as a scrapbooker might say 'hmm yes' and politely change the subject if I showed it to them, rather than laughing until they fell down, which is more my usual standard.

The Noodle has decided he will be either a computer game designer or a theoretical physicist when he grows up. I still haven't decided what I want to do when I grow up, but am extremely impressed at the way children have progressed from such things as 'nurse' or 'astronaut'.

Now I am going to go and compile a short, mental list of the things I just absolutely must do before I clean the bathroom, starting with a cup of coffee.


kazari said...

My little brother wanted to be a dump-truck driver, or an astronaut. He's now studying engineering, which I suppose gets him at least partially qualified for either...

Ampersand Duck said...

Bumblebee just got reading glasses too! Thank goodness for Harry Potter, there isn't the stigma that existed in my day. He's quite keen about wearing them. He probably would have liked Spongebob decals, but as he's heading into teenagehood, he's equally chuffed with his star-emblazed Converse glasses. Who would have thought that the makers of gym boots would be far-sighted enough to branch into glasses? I weep when I think of the ugly crap I had to wear -- I consider wearing them the 'unhappy' part of my childhood, good for the soul...