Saturday, September 5, 2009

On being the Prime Minister

Clearly no one in this household is prime ministerial material, because we cannot watch the footy with a calm sense of enjoyment. The Noodle cries, I get a stomach ache and the husband gets furious.

Be glad we are not running the country. Mr Rudd seems to enjoy himself but takes it all calmly. He does, however, force his sixteen year old son to wear a suit to the footy, which is kind of weird.

Brisbane Lions - one point ahead at half time.

Edited - more importantly, seven points ahead at full time after being down five goals at three-quarter time.

The PM became quite animated at the end, and I don't think it was his son in a suit, I think it was a grown-up in a suit who is quite young (and me showing my age by thinking he might be a teenager).

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aztec-rose said...

It was a very exciting game ... the best I've watched in quite a while...that must be why we replayed that last quarter over and over...even the pm struggled to contain his excitement ... but alas the season is over for the Lions and such a long wait til the next one