Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Computer busted again, new-old computer

Funny old neutrinos. Old computer will not play nicely with others. Oh well.

It's been a week with a lot to think about but not so much to write about, so that's all right.

Missed out on getting Rockwiz tickets for the maternal parent in Cairns. You'd think the one time something actually bothers travelling all the way north a person would manage to get hold of tickets. Lament and so on. Waily waily waily. No.

The Noodle had installment one of birthday festivities on Sunday, and all presents were satisfactory to an unexpectedly high degree. This year he finally got the birthday bug and woke us up at 6 am to ask where the presents were. On his grandfather's arrival the first utterance was 'I wonder what you have brought me?'. And horrified embarrassment at the laughter that erupted out of all the adults. We are not used to a mercenary and present-oriented son.

Today at work I made many mistakes. I hope it is not a lasting illness because I feel like a right dill.

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oshkosh computer support said...

It happens to the best of us. The Noodle sounds adorable.