Monday, October 12, 2009

Party planning

So the Noodle has invited a tasteful amount of children to his birthday party in three weeks. It would have been in two weeks, but his bestest friend is in Shanghai at the moment, so we had to delay.

Kids these days seem to lead a vastly more cosmopolitan life than we did. Our whole burning desire was to go to Queensland, and I never got there until I was 17 thank you very much. These days the kids are off all over the world. Argentina, China, India, anywhere you can think of really.

Sigh. I am only partly consumed with envy.

So for the birthday party we are planning some non-competitive games, because the Noodle is always irritated how some people get prizes and some people don't. He is thinking that if everyone has a goody bag at the end, no prizes are necessary. He is considering whether there should be a prize for statues, but has forbidden pass the parcel outright. I think this has more to do with the fact that he was the only kid who did not get a pass the parcel prize at the last birthday party he attended rather than any kind of ideological commitment.

There will be pizza and frog-in-the-pond. And lemonade. What else is necessary (besides valium and earplugs)?


The Noodle: The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene. He says it is hard, but he keeps coming out with all kinds of concepts about time travel and photon teleportation and different dimensions, so he must be getting at least some of it.

Me: Samurai Kids 4: Monkey Fist by Sandy Fussell. The Noodle has already read it since we got it yesterday afternoon, so I stole it and read it on the bus. Which caused some consternation, because he wanted to read it again when he got home from school this afternoon. Oops


Roger Parkinson said...

I had to look up Frog-in-the-pond. The noodle sounds a seriously cool dude.

Penni said...

Ooh, non-competitive games! I like those. Pass the parcel nearly gives me an ulcer.

There's a funny version of musical chairs where, as you take the chairs away everyone has to fit on the remaining chairs, so by the end they are all sitting on the same chair. At Una's party we did a bubble war where there were two sides and they had to blow bubbles at each other - was drippy, unhygenic, a bit stressful for the littlies, but funny for the big kids and growns.

Noodle is a more sophisticated reader than me these days.

Wendy said...

I was always full of admiration for the mother next door, and envious of her daughters, because she made the best frog patty-pan cakes. Iced bright green, top cut off exposing whipped cream, silver balls for eyes, glace cherry for tongue, glamorous food.

She also made the most delicious vanilla slices. Great birthday party food.

Courtney said...

After the epic pirate party experiment of 2008 I can vouch that non-competitive activities work very well and goody bags are more than ample consolation for the lack of 'prizes'. Sensible Noodle did not need to conduct the experiment to know this, of course...

nailpolishblues said...

Oh my, I'm reading the same book as the Noodle. I keep getting headaches from concentrating so hard. It is fascinating though and Brian Greene is a dab hand at explaining things. The Simpsons references don't hurt either.

SANDY said...

I have a bundle of Samurai Kids stuff here - posters, bookmarks and some great stickers - with the Noodle's name on top. All I need to know is where to send them! Help!