Saturday, October 31, 2009

Party party party

So we have:

1 cricket themed cake that is bright green

2 golden snitches for 'Pin the Snitch on Harry Potter'.

2 pictures of Harry Potter on a broomstick (1 for above, 1 for 'Throw the Bludgers at Harry' - a last minute innovation because I forgot to save cans for the roll or bowl a ball a penny a pitch kind of thing).

2 bottles of lemonade

1 bottle of juice

2 pizza bases

divers pizza toppings


38 million lollies

6 goodie bags with mixed goodies

Tomorrow we will have:

6 highly excited children

30 degree heat, and

2 tired parents.

added 1 November, 2.31 pm

Learned things.
Even quite sensible 7 and 8 year old children can squeal quite loud when excited.
Children do not actually eat all that much at parties, especially when they hate the pizza you provide.
One negative child can almost spoil the whole thing, even for kids who are having a very good time.
Children are conservative and do not reward innovation.
Perfectly nice parents do not always equal perfectly nice children.


mimbles said...

Fun times! Hope all goes well :-)

I still have about 24 million of my 38 million lollies left over, I have NO IDEA why I thought I'd need so many - possibly I was buying them just in case I needed that particular type of lolly for cake decorating

Roger Parkinson said...

Good luck with the party.
The Harry Potter games sound very innovative.

Courtney said...

And sometimes perfectly lovely children have quite terrible parents who complain that you didn't supply enough drink, when the party is being held next to a drinking fountain... oh sorry, having a flashback. Well done surviving the party!

Penthe said...

I suspect what I really meant was that perfectly nice children sometimes are not quite on top form (which is something I have observed in my own child on a freakishly high level of occasions). I know that my child does not have perfectly nice parents, though, so my expectations of him are considerably lower...

All the parents arrived promptly to drop the children off, and arrived promptly to collect them again. If only they had accepted large wodges of left over cake they would have been perfection personified.