Friday, January 22, 2010


'Boy's disenchantment with the North complete'.

My disenchantment with Canberra is far from complete, but I am none too thrilled about the temperature. Especially not on my epic, un-airconditioned bus trip from Barton to Weston Creek this evening, in which a fifteen minute drive (if one were in control of the vehicle) took one and a half hours because of the desperate need of Action buses to drive past every single front door in any given suburb.

Dear ACT Government - people don't use your bus service because it is intolerable.

The End.


Ampersand Duck said...

Now I know you are truly a Canberran.

Action buses have sucked ever since I was a young lass. Their name is an insult to all thinking peoples.

Penthe said...

Yep, we've adapted to our environment, all right.

Nicest bus drivers in the country, here in Canberra. Most astonishingly awful bus service nevertheless.