Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vietnam, and you know, stuff

So the husband, being the kind of guy he is, has been awarded an Asialink grant to go to Vietnam for 8 weeks and do some research and hang out thinking thoughts and generally talking to bookish Vietnamese people. And my first thought is 'huzzah' and suchlike and my second thought is ' my husband is so ace' and all those kinds of things. Which is all true. He is ace, and it's a well-deserved thing.

Somewhere down the line of thoughts arrives the one that goes something like 'I'd like to go to Vietnam too' and then the thought that either the Noodle has to stay in Australia with his relatives while I go to visit the husband in Vietnam for a week or two or he has to come too. And the Noodle's strongly expressed preference is to come too. Especially given the international travels of his class mates over the past 12 months.

Which all seems like a fine idea, thousands of dollars notwithstanding.

But the things is, I'm a bit nervous about travelling in other countries where I don't speak the language with the Noodle. Because of What Ifs and It Could Happens and Oh Noes and so on and so forth. Last time we were lucky enough to find ourselves in one of the best hospitals in the world for the kind of thing that can happen to the Noodle, and it was still a bit touch and go. So it seems a bit, well, very, to expect that we could be that lucky again if anything bad happened this time.

So. The husband will be going to Vietnam and doing fabulous stuff. The Noodle and I may stay home and do more ordinary, but doubtless still fabulous stuff. Or we may go to visit Hanoi and see the 1,000 year anniversary of the city. Which is a wonderful thing and one that I am sure the people of Hanoi will celebrate with both enthusiasm and style.

But either way, what an ace husband I have!


Shayne Parkinson said...

Congratulations to the *ace* husband! And lovely to see aceness being recognised.

That's a hard decision for you to make. From the outside it's easy to say, oh, if it's only for a week or so... and not so very far away... But only you can really weigh up the pros and cons. Very best of luck with it.

Penni said...

Oh. Clever husband.

I am a little envious, as a mum I can't quite fathom applying for the asialink grant, as amazing as it would be. Maybe when all my kids are at school and my clever husband has a j-o-b.

Then I might have to get grant writing coaching from your clever ace man.

Penni said...

p.s. I think you should go. It will be so much easier than you think because you will still be you, and Noodle will still be Noodle. And your clever husband will know the ropes by then.

Anonymous said...

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