Friday, January 15, 2010

Mog, the very thing

A lovely interview with Judith Kerr over at the Guardian for those who loved Mog and probably also When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, which were two of my favourites although not entirely at the same time.

My favourite Mog is Mog's Christmas, but it's the look on the cat's face at different times that lives on in memory.

I don't remember reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea until I was an adult though.


mimbles said...

I somehow missed out on Mog and her other books as a kid but I adored The Tiger Who Came to Tea when I discovered it and read it many times over to the kids.

I still haven't read When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

kazari said...

I loved all those books - and reading the mog books to my little brother, especially. 'mouse-dog-bird' remains in our personal vocabulary for monster or nightmare.

curious said...

Oh, the Tiger who came to tea was my daughter's favourite as she shared a name with the heroine. I love and adore Mog - what's the one where he has the "bunny" and foils the thieves? that's my favourite