Monday, February 1, 2010

Books in the post

My law textbooks arrived today, representing a considerable investment in money (which equals time, as you well know).

I have that great classic, Laying Down the Law, but the newest edition is lacking the cheesy cartoons on the cover and it also looks a lot bigger than it did when I was but a baby bookseller*. I have the Butterworths Concise Legal Dictionary. Which will be useful come what may, because I work with so many lawyers and one must at least make a genuine effort to understand what it is they are trying to say.

I also have Law of Contract and Principles of Administrative Law. I fear my heart does not thrill in any harplike metaphorical kind of way to contract law, but it may surprise me (and not in a drop bear kind of a way, I hope). I do quite heart the admin law, as far as I have come across it in my public servanty life. I am not intending to be a lawyer at the finish of all this studying, so I can avoid things like torts (but not tortes, since it seems there are many cafes and other food-type outlets on campus). But I do hope to be a bit more informed and lawyer-friendly, so my mouth does not gap open and catch flies when faced by statutory interpretation.

I have one more free weekend before the study starts, and then lots of reading writing and ridiculousing.

*I started being a bookseller twenty years ago. I find this alarming. It was at RMIT, which is not alarming.

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