Monday, February 22, 2010

YouTube oddity

The Noodle and I have been playing some music on YouTube, which all started because we were talking about the separation of Germany (What is West Germany, Mum?') and obviously had to listen to Meatloaf*.

So we listened to Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth and were suitably astonished at the power chords (not power cords, which are more useful but less astonishing, although now I think of it, quite important to the production of power chords). And also at Meatloaf's hair and pallid face.

Then we obviously had to listen to The Smiths, kind of to prove that we could in a post-Meatloaf world, and we listened to my favourite-ever Smiths song, There is a light that never goes out, and also Panic and Big Mouth Strikes Again. The Noodle was this time astonished at the generally violent and misanthropic tone coupled with the airy beauty of Morrisey's voice. But mostly he was extremely unimpressed with Morrisey's dancing on Top of the Pops.

So then we had to listen to Paul Kelly, and the Noodle's astonishment was pretty much limited to how amazingly much a person's appearance can change when they are suddenly 30 years older and also wearing a hat.

*No, I don't get the link either, but it seemed reasonable at the time.

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