Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kitchen frenzy

Somehow today turned into a bit of a baking festival, with pumpkin scones, egg and bacon pie and meringues (to use up the left-over egg whites from the egg and bacon pie). As a result the kitchen is full of bowls with remnants of sticky stuff, variously orange, yellow and white. Also saucepans from the pumpkin.

The pie turned into a kind of spready omelet on top of pastry. The scones turned out a right treat. The meringues are looking a little too cooked on the outside, and still have 15 minutes to go according to the recipe. Our oven is hotter on top than on the bottom to a sometimes alarming degree, so I fear we might have slightly brown, slightly chewy meringues instead of little fluffy bundles of sugary cloudliness. But they cannot be worse than the last lot (shudder).

Also we are going to sit outside and listen to some kind of symphony this evening and my assignment is nearly ready to hand in.

All of which makes it sound like a good day, but really it wasn't so much.

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