Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sweet nostalgia

On the one hand, tomorrow marks 97 years since the first sod was turned for this wonderful national capital of Canberra. Let us all be grateful that it is not called Shakespeare or New Albion or SydBriMelAdPerHo or somesuch. Lady Denman, we salute you.

On a smaller, but tastier, note of nostalgia, Mr Muddle's Melting Moments, courtesy of the Mr Men Cookbook, are just as delicious to me today as they were 30-odd years ago. Mr Muddle, we salute you too.


Roger Parkinson said...

Ah, but she could have called it Bugarup, (Pratchett's capital of Fourecks), though it would have robbed Pratchett of a good joke.

Penthe said...

Oh Roger, you forget, she was a lady!