Friday, April 9, 2010


Things I was afraid of when I was seven. Daleks coming to kill my family. Growing up and not knowing how to put make up on.

Things I was afraid of when I was eight. Collapse of society requiring my family (or self) to lead a self-sufficient, subsistence life, caused by nuclear holocaust, oil crisis or industrial action .

Only one of these fears came true. I leave it to all of you to decide which one.


Roger Parkinson said...

Daleks, of course.
I got one for Christmas.
It is only small but we keep it turned off most of the time for safety reasons.

Penthe said...

Well, I'm glad to hear your are taking sensible precautions.

GMT+10 said...

YouTube has a 'how to' video for every one of these possible scenarios. I wonder if that reassures today's 7 and 8 year olds?

Penthe said...

Oh no, it would not have reassured me. My only comfort was that if other people weren't too fussed, maybe things weren't so bad.

But maybe I'll just pop over and have a look. Does it have a rabies one?

Penni said...

I had this weird superstition that if I imagined a scenario then it wouldn't come true (cause how weird would that be?), so I would busily lie in bed imagining every scenario possible.

I wear make up approximately three times a year and as a result both my girls are OBSESSED with it.

mimbles said...

My daughter has been wearing make up more often than I do for years now (dance performances). Our Dalek is peeking out from behind the TV but R2D2 is keeping an eye on it for us so I think we're safe.

Jacqui said...

industrial action?

Can't possibly be the daleks. This is coming from one of the biggest DW fans of all time. Hubby still blames me for Moo's fear of santa. You may recall a christmas special a couple of years ago involving robot santas that had gun like things for hands.

Penthe said...

Gosh yes, that would've destroyed me as a kiddie. I believed in Dr Who way, way too much.