Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quite fed up

What with emissions trading and such.

Otherwise, mysteriously tired for no good reason, didn't eat any chocolate today, clicked on a PowerPoint button, figured out how to make something appear on the laptop screen and the big screen, have a nice glass of wine, won't be watching The Pacific tonight, discussed hamburger flipping with the Noodle.

How was your day?


mimbles said...

Sat in the sun at the kids' cross country carnival. At which neither of them ran. Did some tablet weaving, got sunburnt, didn't eat any of the chocolate I'd taken with me. Figured out how to do viking wire weaving. Ate pizza for dinner while watching The Blues Brothers with the kids.

Pretty good day really :-)

kazari said...

Wrangled grumpy baby all day. Waited for husband to get home, handed over grumpy baby, left.
Came home to find baby had been suitably grumpy for the whole time, and yet fallen asleep minutes before I walked in.
Good baby.
No chocolate was involved, but I may rememdy that now.

GMT+10 said...

Ate a Baci chocolate left here by considerate dinner guest last week - sorry. Had to go to an AGM in the evening, but came home to a nice meal in the oven, covered with foil, and the baby asleep in her cot. I felt like a Dad from my childhood. This made a nice change from feeling like a frazzled 21st Century Mum the rest of the time. Unexplainable tiredness? Please consider getting a check up...

Roger Parkinson said...

If chocolate doesn't sure your tiredness seek medical help.

Roger Parkinson said...

CURE. I meant CURE

Penthe said...

Sleep and chocolate do help. Medical miracle?

Glad you had a good day mimbles. Hope baby Kazari has a calm, smiley, chuckly day to make up for it. CP - I'm fine, it's just the way the seasons change. And Roger, chocolate makes me very sure, sure I want chocolate, anyway.

Bless you all.