Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some important things

The Noodle has much chocolate, some of which he will share.

I have inveigled my way back into reading to the Noodle at bed time by abandoning Sam and Frodo in the Slough of Boredeom (ie outer Mordor) and turning to Joan Aiken. Go Joan!

I handed in my essay and questions on constitutional law and now have only to dread writing two essays on contract law.

There are many, many snails on our front door step region. Radio National advise a locust plague is imminent on the way.

As well as not knowing if imminent is the right word, I also don't know how to pronounce 'slough' or if the Slough of Despond (from The Pilgrim's Progress via Little Women) is pronounced the same as the Great Slough (from Little Town on the Prairie and the Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder). My guess is sloff, but it could rhyme with 'ow' or 'oh'.

I do know that Laura and Carrie nearly got lost and/or drownded in the Great Slough, but I do not know what happened to Christian in the Slough of Despond. I guess he was not thrilled by it.

The Noodle has learned how to draw seven eighths of a tennis ball. So glad he is getting a good education.

Everyone's Easter lamb roast was nicer than mine, but my guests have been very polite about it.

Splodge made to a recipe still just tastes like splodge.

Justice Gleeson might know a thing or two, but I know it is only two more days until the weekend.


Misrule said...

Good heavens, you're not in my sister-in-law's ANU law class are you? Same surname...

Penthe said...

I don't actually know anyone's surnames, now I think of it. It's an absolute beginners course, so if she is an absolute beginner, then probably. I'll interrogate all the women who look like potential sisters-in-law next time I'm there.

Misrule said...

No, she's not a fellow student, she's the lecturer!